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1. A fantastical, magical, whimsical name of a game involving donuets, birds, and unitards;
2. Wingdinko is a game of throwing donuets at hungry donuet-loving birds. Rule one is to get your standard issue wingdinko full body unitard. Rule two is to get some standard issue wingdinko entenmann's chocolate frosted donuets. Rule three states you must get some shitty birds that like donuets. Rule four requires players to throw donuets at the birds. There are bonus points for ringing the donuet on the bird's beak.
3. an excellent name for your stupid grizzly bear of a brother.
"To play Wingdinko you need to have your standard black wingdinko unitard."

"If you're playing Wingdinko, the third rule is to find hungry birds."

"Emmett sure is a real Wingdinko, isn't he Jaspar?"

"Edwurdz and Jaspar are exceptionally good at playing Wingdinko."
by Edwurdz C. and Karyn P. August 13, 2009
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