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The most stable system ever created even compared to Linux.
Because of all the fixes that were done for it in Windows 98 it has all of its creases ironed out. It is the best OS that I have and ever will work with. I still have a 98.2 that has been running since before 2000. I haven’t even needed to turn it off it just runs. I will go up to it and browse the web and run programs and it dose just fine. It works great for a simple at home computer that doesn’t have a lot of power. If you want a server I would recommend Windows 2000 or something like Redhat

“Wow your still running 98
“I’m running Windows 98.2”
“What the hells the difference?”
“It works a hell lot better”
by Carter90 January 07, 2009
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Another name for Windows 98 Second Edition (abbreviated Windows 98 SE). Windows 98 Second Edition was a major improvement to the original Windows 98 and included a number of bug fixes and new features. Unlike Service Packs which are free and can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft website, this was a completely different operating system than Windows 98 and had to be purchased separately.
Windows 98 Second Edition (aka Windows 98.2) was critically acclaimed at its launch. It is a worthwhile upgrade if you are running Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows 98.
by rfrsiopgjdog February 08, 2015
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