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A bird feeder that mad people put outside their window to look ugly.

No lip around the trays so food will blow off and attract rats.

Made by someone that can't controll their bowels.
Hey Andy, do you think I should buy this Window-tree so I can watch birds eat?

No way Lisa! Just go to the garden centre and buy a metal one that won't rot, and it will have proper trays that won't let the food blow away.

Is this Window-tree bird feeder safe?

No! The maker probably didn't wash their hands after the last time they shat themselves! Plus it doesn't meet any EU or Britsh safety specifications.

If I buy this Window-tree am I helping the economy?

No! The person isn't paying any income tax or VAT, it's highly illegal.

Will this Window-tree last long?

No, it's wooden, it will rot.
by L.s.v.Kennan March 10, 2012
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