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Edwin Farnham Butler III is the lead vocalist of Grammy-winning, Montreal-based band Arcade Fire. Coming from suburban Texas, he has lived and made music in Canada for many years now. He is married to his bandmate, Regine Chassagne and his brother, Will Butler is also in Arcade Fire. He is the king hunk of indie rock. There's something about his frankness and awkward personality that is very sexy.
Yeah, man and Win Butler was effin hilarious on the stage when he said 'What the hell?!'
by arcadefirefanatic August 03, 2011
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Lead singer of The Arcade Fire. His wife, Régine Chassagne, is the co-founder of the band. A 6'5'' Texan who can be an asshole. Thinks about life a lot. He's also the ultimate babe.
Did you see Win Butler warming-up with his band? Wow what a well-built, talented babe!
by mrs. shankly August 25, 2011
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A badass who gets up after a fall and pretends nothing happened. Named after the lead singer of Arcade Fire, who is well-known for his badassery. During their live show at Manchester Central, for example, he tried to hop back up on stage after walking through the crowd (another example of badassery) and hit his knee on an amp. However, instead of being a baby and complaining, he just laughed and continued singing "We Used To Wait".
Evidence is a youtube video called "Win being clumsy in Manchester"
Win Butler is amazing.
by TurnTheSummerIntoDust June 07, 2011
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