Wimme, the aboriginal abbreviation for "with me".
They planned to without wimme.
by ÂK February 21, 2016
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Someone who is a member of the upper to middle-class who feels the need to revert to a persona that is more stereotypically lower class. This is done normally to seem "hard" in the hopes that women would find him more attractive as the middle to upper class are completely repulsive and unattractive. The wimm often will follow the lower class customs like pitch storming at away games; asking for cigarettes (when they don't smoke) or even in more extreme circumstances drinking Strongbow Dark Fruit.
Look at the hard fella, drinking dark fruit and wearing Stoney. Bit of a wimm if you ask me.
by Wofty Spum February 7, 2019
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stop playin wimme

either means you want that person to stop messing with you or you want that person to stop playing around with you and already date .
Niomi sent me a screen shot of her crush saying stop playing she was happy all day”

trey said,” stop playin wimme before i get mad” .
by iiammella December 19, 2021
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