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Just an excuse to have fun in a field. Fire, booze, food, music, booze, grass, a field, etc
let's all go to Willfest
by brilliant will June 17, 2009
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A Willfest is a group of scrawny people attempting to loose their virginitybut are failing miserably because they are too weak and feeble. For boys they cant have an erectionfor more than one second and for girls there tits cant do the same either.
"I heard that Stephen was involved in a willfest",said Will.
"And I thought he could not sink anylower...",replied Peter.
They both knew that if anyone was in a Willfest it was just as bad as having a small cock or being flatchested. And most people who took part in Willfests had flat chests and small cocks!!!
by UgotMurked November 08, 2006
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