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A multi-talented and multi-career orientated successful popstar/TV host, among other things. She has faced tons of negative backlash for things which were and are totally false, a lot based around her deep four-year relationship with former boyfriend Nick Carter. She is also knows for started the Bad Girl Revolution with the smash hit "I Wanna Be Bad," a single shunning the then good girls of pop and her not willing to conform for past record companies who wanted to capitalize on the then successful and famous Britney Spears. "I Wanna Be Bad" (2001) holds a record of not only hitting number #1 in many countries and on the world chart, but hitting #1 after the week of September 11, 2001, in which America and other countries were deeply affected by the terrorist attacks upon the U.S. 'Bad' would end up being duplicated as a gimmick by Britney Spears with "A Slave 4 U," Cchristina Aguilera with "dirrty," and jessica simpson with "fired up," all three of which failed to achieve success. The Pussycat Dolls admired Ford's Bad Girl innovation and, after recording "Don't Cha" which also went on to hit #1 on the world charts, in Summer 2005 offered and signed Ford a multi-million dollar deal as the lead off performer for the Las Vegas Pussycat Dolls. Her debut album "Willa Was Here" was released in 2001 and received multi-platinum status internationally. The music video to her 2002 hit "Did Ya Understand That" was nominated for an MVPA, featured on CBS Promo Spots for a couple of soap operas, and the single became radio and club hit. Also this year she hosted MTV's hit TV series "I Bet Yo Will," among with various MTV shows until 2004, including "The Morning After." Her Christmas/Holiday single "Santa Baby (Gimme Gimme Gimme)" was the lead off to MTV's "TRL Christmas" album, along with being featured on the "Not Another Christmas Album: An Alternative Christmas" album and receiving high television and radio airplay. Her 2003/2004 single "A Toast To Men" went Top 40, crossed over into the Urban market, became a top notch selling single, a club hit, and was featured on CBS Promo Spots. This also got Willa more credit in the homosexual community and became a bachlorette anthem. Despite this, her highly innovative album "Sexy Sex Obsessive" wasn't released due to Lava Record's merging with Maverick and Atlantic. However Ford got the rights in July of 2006 and can release the music from this era if she re-records them. Her career really took off in 2005 and 2006. In 2005 she hosted Spike TV and internationally Bravo's "The Ultimate Fighter -- Season 1," was chosen to play in the Lingerie Bowl III, sang lead for the Las Vegas Pussycat Dolls, appeared in FHM's annual Calendar, and was featured in Stuff Magazine. In 2006, Ford played quarterback for Dallas Desire in the Lingerie Bowl III, posed in Playboy, continued to occasionally sing lead for The Pussycat Dolls in Vegas, starred in FSN's Calvin Ayre's Wild Card Poker, had her own fashion show with the Love Jones Lingerie fashion line, and was chosen to star in third season of ABC's smash hit reality show Dancing With The Stars. Willa has also appeared on many entertainment shows this year, most having to do with Dancing With The Stars.
2001: "I Wanna Be Bad" hit #1 on the World Chart. "Willa Was Here" was released.
2002: "Did Ya Understand That" nominated for MVPA, featured on CBS Promo Spots. Hosted "I Bet You Will;" "The Morning After."
2003: Hosted "The Morning After." "A Toast To Men" went Top 40 at radio.
2004: "A Toast To Men" went Top 11 on Billboard's Top Selling Dance CD-Singles, FHM Magazine spread, Advocate appearance.
2005: Hosted SpikeTV's "The Ultimate Fighter - Season 1," sang lead for The Pussycat Dolls in Las Vegas, appeared in the FHM Calendar, Stuff Magazine spread, appeared in the video game "Playboy: The Mansion."
2006: Played in the third annual Lingerie Bowl, posed in Playboy, starred in Fox Sports Network's Calvin Ayre's Wild Card Poker, had her own fashion show with Love Jones Lingerie Fashion Show, starred in the third season of Dancing With The Stars.
Trivia: Is known as "The Bad Girl of Pop," has a four-year professional degree as an opera singer, she is extremely spiritual, is a whistle-registered singer (e.i. Willa ford hits G#6 in the whistle register in "Ooh Ooh". She sings these notes in melisma: F6, G#6, G6, G#6, G6, F6.)
by The Truth 111 August 26, 2006
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(1) A cross-eyed blonde pop singer, whose music resembles various other cheesy pop crap, although self-proclaimed to be unique. Also does a pathetic job of "dancing" (2) Acts like a famous A-list celebrity when she is no where near such status. (3)Tries too hard to fit the 'bad girl, sexpot' stereotype. (4) Tries to appear as a strong, sexually powerful woman yet comes off only as easy and sleazy. (5) Dated Nick Carter, supposedly abused him, stole his possessions, and used him to acquire a record contract.
Omg I am like soooooooo bad!!! My music is tha shit and anyone who disagrees is just jealous and lacks self confidence!! I AM WILLA HEAR ME ROAR
by Div December 29, 2003
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