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A brand of humour, increasingly regarded as the pinacle of comedy in the western world. Named after Will Ferrell, leader of the comedic troup: the Frat Pack, the theory of WillFerrellism may be applied to any form of media, rendering it "outrageously funny". On the surface, WillFerrellism appears as basic slap-stick humour, however, further examination reveals a wealth of complex ideas firmly rooted in philosophy and the sciences. Core examples of WillFerrellism include "The Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy", and "Old School".

WillFerrellism is sometimes used to describe the practice of dragon imitation, and often has sexual overtones.
"If you're a fan of the Anchorman/Old School/Zoolander style WillFerrellism, however, Talladega Nights should provide more than adequate entertainment." AMG review, Cammila Albertson
by GeneFinkel September 26, 2006
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