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A goddess, Cammila is the name given to the most desirable, intelligent, creative and skilled woman in the world. On par with both Aphrodite and Athena in terms of physical beauty and wisdom, Cammila is also synonymous with the legend of Psyche. She is master of all things aesthetic and her fashion sense is second to none. Similarly, she is also handy and resourceful in situations that require either a quick wit, a snappy comeback, a power tool and/or a working knowledge of firearms. Cammila is a girl who is exploding into the universe with possibilities – she is confident, self-aware and sexy.
Guy 1: Dang, have you seen Cammila lately, she is looking HAWT!

Guy 2: Damn straight Brah! And have you seen how she handles those double-hand cannons? SO sexy!
by Collar November 30, 2010
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