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Derived from the two words 'wildebeest' and 'troll' a wildetroll is an overweight obnoxious and narciccistic male, generally with pimples on his back, who lives to torment, harrass and upset his family and/or partner.
In addition to these 'attributes', the person is more often than not extremely lazy, oversleeps, overeats, snores, is sexually dysfunctional due to having smoked his entire life and the battering ramp he sports around his middle.
He will often blame his partner for the poor quality of sex, quick to brand her as "a turn off" until one fateful night after a week of obsessive compulsive masturbating over soft porn, the individual has an attack of conscience over his partner crying herself to sleep the night before and admits that the problem lies with him, his lack of stamina and his inability to haul his own ass.
He can be quickly identified, even from a distance as the asshole who yells out commands such as "get back to your box (room) bitch" (addressing his partner), and "you'll do as your told. I am god".
Person 1 : "Gee, check out that bastard who is threatening to let that poor woman walk home from the parking lot with all the groceries. He could stand to lose some weight himself".
Person 2 : "I know, right? What a Wildetroll!"
by Macbeth the Wonderslave December 02, 2009
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