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1. Birth name given to male individual whose purpose in life consists to acknowledge his creative talents and originality to inspire changes and/or ideas in his community.

2. Original member of the Electronic Music duo "Dice Motion"

3. Founding member of "Moduloktopus"

3. Largely used in the German language and its origin is Germanic. Two-element name derived from the elements 'wig' meaning fighter, warrior ; 'berht' meaning bright, famous. The name was borne by Saint Wigbert (670-747), an Anglo-Saxon Benedictine monk who was a disciple of Saint Boniface.
1. We could use Wigbert in the hang to keep it fresh for tonight's party.

2. After seeing a sold out crowd, Wigbert turned on his finger lights & went nutz on stage; that guy was wiggin out to some serious
by extrasensoring September 23, 2011
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