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To perform a culturally white action "with a" (wif a) white person by association making them white. Opposite of a wigger.

Pronounced "why-fuh"
Ali: "Hey dude."
Caleb: "Hey bro. Watchu up to?"

Ali: "Facetiming my dog?"
Caleb: "You're just another black person trying to fit in with us whites, or should I say, wifa."

Starbucks barista: "Hi, how can I help you?"
Ali: "I'd like a venti, half-whole milk, one quarter 1%, one quarter non-fat, extra hot, split quad shots (1 1/2 shots decaf, 2 1/2 shots regular), no foam latte please"
Barista: *Shakes head "Such a wifa."
by wedge212 March 19, 2015
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