The most metal of all metal bands originating from Salt Lake City, Utah. They are more metal than a refrigerator. The most metal of the most metal band in the world is the drummer, due to the length of hair compared to band mates.
Wow I just got back from Wicked This Way Comes. You wouldn't believe how metal they were. It was like I was at a steel mill they were sooooooo metal.
by lemon23head April 29, 2011
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Something Wicked This Way Comes is a 1962 novel by Ray Bradbury. It is about two thirteen-year-old boys, Jim Nightshade and William Halloway, who have a harrowing experience with a nightmarish carnival that comes to their Midwestern town one October. The carnival's leader is the mysterious "Mr. Dark" who bears a tattoo for each person who, lured by the offer to live out their secret fantasies, has become bound in service to the carnival. Mr. Dark's malevolent presence is countered by that of Will's father, Charles Halloway, who harbors his own secret desire to regain his youth.

The novel combines elements of fantasy and horror, analyzing the conflicting natures of good and evil, and on how they come into play between the characters and the carnival. Unlike many of Bradbury's other works, including the tangentially related Dandelion Wine, which are collections of loosely related short stories, Something Wicked This Way Comes can be considered a full-length novel with a consistent plot.
Something Wicked This Way Comes is one of the best books ever written.
by StellarGirl77 September 30, 2008
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