Why Don't We is a 5-piece boyband made up of Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais, and Zach Herron. Although they do not call themselves a boyband they refer to a Manband. They formed their man band on September 27, 2016. They all knew each other before the band, but one, the idea came about that they should make a band, their reaction was Why Don't We. Ever since then they have been as close as brothers, they tell each other everything and love each other to death. That's not the only thing that was really random but creative in this group, they're fanbase is called limelights. The name limelights came from their first lyric in their first song "Taking You" the line says: "I need you in my life like limelight". (the music video was uploaded on my b-day 😊)
limelight 1: dude, the {man band Why Don't We is so hot, they all have such amazing voices.
limelight 2: ikr, have you heard they're song "I Don't Belong In This Club"?
limelight 1: omg yes, maklemore raps sooo good in it.
by Jenna_herron1 March 30, 2019
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Why Don't We is The Greatest Boy Band In The World.
I love Why Don't We because Why Don't We.
by Hillo9823 October 24, 2019
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Why don't we is a band that started on September 27th 2016 their names are Zachary Dean Herron, Jack Robert Avery, Daniel James Seavey, Corbyn Matthew Besson, Jonah Marais Roth Frantzich Zach being the youngest and Jonah being the oldest. They have 5 EPs,5 albums,36 songs they are also in Logan Paul's Help me help you and The fall of Jake Paul they are hot, perfect, evreything in between. They like to be called a man band not a boy band cause they're "men". their fan name is the limelights. Zach was born in Dallas, Texas May 27th 2001. Jack born in burbank california grew up in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania born July 1st, 1999. Daniel born in Vancouver, Washington went to high school in Portland, Oregon born April 2nd, 1999. Corbyn (bean) born in Texas then moved to Fairfax, Virginia November 25th, 1998. Jonah born in Stillwater, Minnesota June 16th, 1998. zach has a younger brother and sister, jack has two younger sister and one older sister, Daniel has two older brothers and one younger sister corbyn has a younger brother and sister jonah has two younger sisters one older brother
P1:WOW! Why don't we music is good!
P2: I know right!
by catmatts December 2, 2018
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why don't we is a man band made on september 27, 2016. with the members of: jonah marais, corbyn besson, daniel seavey, jack avery and zach herron. they came out with 2 albums named 8 letters and the good times and the bad ones (you should probably stream them.. like now!) they recently came out with a song called love back (again stream it!!) on october 6, 2021.
have you listened to love back by why don't we?
by bl3ssedcurs3d October 30, 2021
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Why Don't We is an American Man Band with 5 boys in it named Jack Avery, Zach Herron, Daniel Seavey, Jonah Marais and Corbyn Besson
P1- Did you hear the new song on the new song on the radio. What am I By Why Don't We

P2- Yeah it's incredible
by The 'Obbys September 10, 2019
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Why Don't we is a boy band also known as the "man band" are a musical band. The members of why don't we are, Jonah Marais, Zachary Herron, Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson, and Daniel Seavey. They started there band in September 2016. They first started when there not album 'only the beginning' hit top charts only after they were a band for two months. I'm 2017 they droped a platinum song 'Help Me Help You' with youtuber Logan paul.
by Loving_wdw_logey_jakey March 12, 2019
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Why don't we is a popular boy... *coughs* MAN band. There are five men. Daniel seavey 20 years old, Zach Herron 18 years old, Jonah Marais 20 years old, Corbyn Besson 20 years old, Jack Avery 19 years old.


Why don't we is amazing
by THOMAS SANDERS FAN September 25, 2018
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