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A fugly, nobody bum who is in a relationship with an okay/decent/hot chick. Their relationship begs the question WHY?
I'm an ugly bum, broke-ass, with a beer belly. How I wish Paris Hilton dated Why Guys like me!
by frankylapid November 01, 2010
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A "why guy" is a guy who questions everything. If you are explaining the most general of detials, he/she will question why. These poeple want you to expound on what you've described, even in the most lame/ pass the time conversations. Dude, you have a college degree, guess that makes up for your lack of common sense and your need to question why.
One co-worker to another, "I think we will fill the airplane up full of fuel to make it to our final destination."

Co-worker response," Sounds good to me!"

Why guy, "really? Why's that??"
by silverzee72 January 01, 2012
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