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Very similar to the word escapade, but more specific. A group of sexual encounters with strangers in a short amount of time. This amount of time can vary. This can be applied to many different situations. Whether it be after a break up or out on a week long vacation. There are many different contexts the word can be applied to. This can be a applied when congratulating a friend on a successful conquest or degrading or judging someone for their ill-advised actions.

This can be applied to the television show "How I Met Your Mother." In many instances Barney brings random women from the bar home to his apartment. In particular the perfect week episode from season 5 exemplifies this word. He brings a girl home every night of the week accomplishing a feat that most can only dream about. This word can be applied to many instances in this show.
Wow Linda really went on a whorecapade after her break-up with Jon.

Man this weekend we are gonna go on a major whorecapade!
by Atlante Quelch May 22, 2013
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