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Whopper Jr is a term that soldiers are called after they've shot civilians. Most likely its only a name given to those that purposely shoot them.
Whopper Jr here smoked some sheep herders last night.


Should i engage them Sgt?

No, Calm down whopper jr those are civilians....
by Geanjin December 25, 2009
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A military term given to soldiers that kill civilians, accidental or otherwise.

Derives from the restaurant chain Burger King which sells the Whopper Jr, where Burger Kings's first letters 'B K' represent 'Baby-killer'
Yo whopper jr, thats some fine shootin on them dune coons
by gunny33 July 20, 2010
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This is closely related to the Houdini. In this act, you are doing a girl from behind. Upon climax, you pull out and explode on her back. When she turns around to see what happened, you yell, "Whopper Jr. Bitch!" and hit her in the face with a Whopper Jr. hamburger. (Cheese optional)
"John gave her the Whopper Jr last night, and I don't mean the hamburger!"
by Lil Sweat December 07, 2007
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When a large-headed cheap bastard loser kid, puts his tiny dick inbetween and fat ugly white-as-hell dog and humps for awhile. This ends with the large-headed cheap bastard blows his load and the white dog says, "It' Skicky!?"
Zach whopper jr.'ed emily and it was very ickyy.
by Pat MaCrotch January 13, 2008
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My friend, Mr. D.W. Whopper's unit
At my party, my friend whipped out the Whopper Jr. for the ladies. Subsequently, they all left. Thanks dude.
by Big Chimpin' December 13, 2007
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