(It's clefairy!)


2. The question everyone is asked in the middle of a pokemon episode
1. "Hey Joseph, do you remember the 'who's that pokemon' vine?"

2. "When I was watching pokemon and 'who's that pokemon?' started, I thought it was Bulbasaur, but it was Ghastly."
by I_have_no_life_so_here_we_are December 26, 2019
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"Who's that pokemon" is a confusing sexual strategy wherein the initiator yells his own name instead of the name of the unfortunate woman who has been duped into this situation much in the way a common pikachu or bulbasaur can only utter variations of its own name.

Pro: less likely to call girl by wrong name, when alternated with grunting it fills long silences, you've just gotten out of any false commitments you made because she will never talk to you again

Con: Have to remember what name you told her
"I pulled a "who's that pokemon" on a bar girl last night. Totally forgot I gave her a fake name and she thought I was calling her Frank."
by jmitch77 June 12, 2017
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