Limerick equivalent of a whitey ie. when someone gets too sick from smoking too much hash.
Watch him he's pulling a f'n whitner.
by johnnynoears August 10, 2007
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A person who is a legend in their own mind. A person that is truly convinced that all of the bullshit that comes from their mouth is a statement of fact and relevance. Basically, a complete fucking moron.
That guy is such a dick. He talks so much shit. What a Whitner!
by mishnel January 10, 2012
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A Whitner is another name for someone who gets overly excited about nothing at all, or something they werent involved in. The term derives from Buffalo Bills safety Donte Whitner, who is quite possibly the worst player to ever suit up in the NFL. You can see him on sundays (unless its blacked out) on TV displaying his talents.

Brian: Wow look at this Whitner going crazy over summer vacation.
Tim: It's December...
Brian: Exactly.


Steve: I was Whitnering all over the field today!
Barry: Yea I saw that, you didnt even make a tackle.
Steve: Exactly.
by Billy Buffalo November 28, 2010
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