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A rare illness that is usually transmitted to an unsuspecting victim through eating a "chicken mc.nugget" from Mc.Donalds. It results in vomiting, explosive diarrhea, bleeding of the ears, eyes, nose, pores, reproductive organs, and anus. Victim may become infertile, and reproductive organs may fall off. Some cases report loss of vision and hearing, and instead of mucus, they were sneezing up Mc.Donalds BBQ sauce. Other symptoms are, but are not limited to:

Nausea, irritability and short tempers, hostility homicidal impulses, having an urge to go out to Olive Garden, rapid loss of mental clarity, amnesia, kidney failure, muscle aching and weakness, tingling or cramping in the legs, finding Lady Gaga on your iPod, inability to walk, problems sleeping, constipation, impaired muscle formation, waking up in the middle of the night to play World Of Warcraft, erectile dysfunction, temperature regulation problems, nerve damage, mental confusion, urge to eat small children, liver damage and abnormalities, neuropathy, and death.
Greg- Man, do you hear about what happened to Jacob last night?

Bill- I heard he was bleeding out his ears and his ass!

Greg- Must be the Whitenugget.
by Guy who ate a chicken mc.nugg. October 14, 2012
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