1. (Archaic) A sexless marriage
2. The marriage of a gay man to a straight woman (what we'd today call his beard)
In old hollywood gay actors would enter into white marriages to protect their reputations. Some things don't change...
by raphion December 17, 2008
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Is a trend in which the marriage between a white couple is often female led and encourages serving and satisfying the wife with usually the addition of a third partner generally black and well-endowed for her pleasure.
"It's okay for my wife to flirt with him because we are in a modern white marriage."
by SissSas December 11, 2018
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A person who gets married to be able to get health insurance or receive financial aid if not older then 25 years old.
I can't get any help for school so I might have to get a white card marriage.
by Loconsaine March 16, 2016
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