White people who spend way too much time looking for things to be mad about on the internet. Typically triggered very easily.

Also see: persecution complex
This guy spends way too much time on Reddit looking for things to be mad about about that don’t actually affect him. He’s suffering from a severe case of white rage.
by The Sen Den August 14, 2021
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YOU have no idea what a cornered person will do...
Inside the mind of ANY person is the ability to have RAGE.
Testing people will get you killed. Find me for details.
by GoBiden.Com September 21, 2021
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Clenching your fists, muttering and maybe getting into a karate stance.
A laughable rate of anger, similar to a child.
Involves turning red and holding your breath.
Todd went into white rage as he got laughed off the basketball court.
After Quinn got pushed down his white rage kicked in,and he got knocked down again.
Reagan was so mad, he was taken over with white rage, then he started crying and we hugged it out.
by mariama October 4, 2013
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They rage like a little girl playing dolls with their friends. They hit stuff and people. They act cocky when they play people who are worse then him then rage when he get unlucky while playing madden even though he throw in triple coverage and not expect a pick.
Ahah haha haha I hate this game it so trash” this is white rage
by TtV December 27, 2019
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The consumption of white wine by more than one woman which leads to rageful female behaviour targetted at men. Akin to rye rage for men.
White wine rage includes: Drunken late night text messages that begin with "you are dead to me."
by Charlie22 July 15, 2012
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When a problem has nothing to do with white women, they feel the incessant urge to do something about it. The issues that they “fight for” such as BLM and Trans Rights rarely impact or trouble the white woman personally and they feel like they need to "do something about it" but that just includes screaming and yelling. White woman rage goes hand in hand with an unfettered and annoying Social Justice Warrior, typically called Karen.
"After this Karen walks into the ice cream parlor, she becomes a little upset when she sees the guy in the MAGA hat. Karen started yelling at the guy and I couldn't tell what she was saying, but I just knew that it was white woman rage."
by Macaroni1886 May 8, 2023
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