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The White Jeans Theory is a theory that anybody, regardless of sex, who wears full length pure white jeans enjoys and engages in the act of anal sex.

The theory was created after the founder of the White Jeans Theory discovered that girls that wear white jeans have very crazy, sexy and uncontrollable personality. After months of pondering and investigating this discovery the founder realized that the commonalty between people who wear white jeans is the fact that they engage in anal sex. The theory includes both male and female.

If the person wearing white jeans denis the theory it is because they just don't know they like it yet, even if they tried it.

The theory only includes full length pure white jeans. Shorts, Capris, yoga pants or other non-jean materials do not count. People wearing white jeans as part of a uniform for work, school or costume purposes also does not count.
According to the white jeans theory people who wear white jeans like anal sex.

That girl is wearing white jeans... You know what that means?
by FITZ! June 17, 2012
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