The counterpart to a black hole. In a black hole matter collapses inward to a singularity; in a white hole, matter pours out from a singularity. There are many similarities between the Big Bang and a white hole.
As well as black holes and white holes, relativists sometimes talk about grey holes.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
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The direct opposite of a black hole. Whereas a black hole always sucks up matter, white holes always spew out matter. Just like wormholes, they're mathematically possible, but they don't exist in the real universe. At least, not in the dimensions we can perceive... Bwuhahahaha! *Twilight Zone music kicks in*
White Holes are the exact opposite of black holes.
by Bas March 7, 2005
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Similar to a black hole in nature.

A whitehole is a super-intense black hole of basic, generic, whiteness. We're talking basic white girl starter pack conversations on steroids.

A whitehole can also be used as a substitute for the word "asshole" or "bitch". Especially when talking about someone who is obnoxious or has priveledge.

Your conversations with a whitehole will go so fucking beige and basic that you can taste it in your mouth.

-Its like a blackhole of basic, genericism, trash, pure average white girls that is so fucking annoying that it bends gravity. It tries to seduce and derail everything in its path.

Will seem to slow down time by never seeming to stop talking.

A whitehole is usually trying to pretend to be anything other than basic because they feel shame because they're so fucking basic

This includes using identifying labels such as "parfait girl" to feel special. But in reality, this girl is so average, she could blend in anywhere like camo.

Usually spotted wearing uggs, yoga pants. Likes to "travel". Can't wake up in the morning without her coffee. Usually a frequenter of starbucks. Has nothing special to say. No original thoughts of her own.

Unironically quotes Taylor Swift and Pitbull. Will try to end racism by changing their profile to black. Will try to end humanitarian crises with hashtags and crying emojis to show that they care. Then will quickly become distracted by their latest drama.
Stacy is such a white hole, I can't stand her!

Uh oh, I feel like we're walking into a whitehole!

Help! I'm getting sucked into a white hole.
by wealldobadthingsdontdenyit March 11, 2022
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A mysterious inner path that leads to an awakening and understanding that things are not as they seem. The "White Rabbit" is symbolic of "inner understanding" that a greater reality exists and requires immediate refocus of ones attention. The alligory is based on character from the story "Alice in Wonderland" who is "Late for a Very Important Date!". "The Hole" is the "matrix of choices and information". It is an oft bizarre, confusing and uncertain path .. which can lead to either great wisdom OR potential folly depending on the choices made.
"That Speaker was a "WHITE RABBIT HOLE" of information."
"Welcome Neo, you have found the White Rabbit Hole wherein you might find the truth regarding the MATRIX!
by allxcast January 22, 2011
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