This occurs on the Urban Dictionary editing page (probably other places as well) while an editor is waiting for new defs to load for the editing process. It might be the direct result of slow internet connections, or ancient, decrepit computers.
maggie: this sucks!
aggie: what's that?
maggie: i was editing defs on UD, and all of a sudden all i see is this circular graphic thingy that goes around and around and around and-
aggie: oh, i see that once in a while. i call it the "Loading-on-White circle of death. when i see it either i have to refresh, or i have to close my browser and relaunch it. it's a real pain in the ass.
maggie: but i'm a dedicated editor? what do i do?
aggie: dumby, i just told you! either refresh the page or relaunch your web browser!
maggie:, er, thanks a lot. may you forever be under the influence of the loading-on-white circle of death forever and ever, amen.
by earpuller December 17, 2010
the group of white people that gathers outside of a building, usually a food place, and usually in the formation of a circle. Can also be anywhere on the premises, not just in the front of the building.
Dad: Hey look it's a white circle
Me: Oh god not another one
by aceroro March 23, 2022