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A term used for someone whos name cannot be remembered.
Man A: You should ask ol' Whistlebritches if he wants to go to the movies with us.

Man B: You mean John?

Man A: Yea, That guy.
by Keado September 08, 2007
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The sound corduroy pants make when they brush against each other as you walk. Can also be referring to the person wearing corduroys, usually an egghead.
You can hear that dork wearing the whistle britches from around the corner.
Hey whistle britches! Don't start a fire with those thighs!
by mmmmpooky August 31, 2008
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1) a person who passes gas throughout the day.
2) a person who likes to be screwed in the ass otherwise know as a pillow biter
1) Oh, man that stinks, whistle britches you’re supposed to FYI.
2) Al is definitely the whistle britches between him and Michael
by Day Shift October 14, 2005
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1. Someone who is strong-willed, stands up for their beliefs and is firm in their values, who 'tells it like it is", truthful or completely honest.

2. Someone considered a "smarty pants" because of their confidence, intelligence and helpful willingness to share with others.
1.Whistle britches over there just told me she's a Christian woman and she's not comfortable with the way I've been looking at her and my innuendos ...whew, she ain't scared to nip it in the bud straight up!

2.Here comes whistle britches, she was right again about how we should organize the Garden Center! I resent that she is right so much but you gotta respect her!
by WordSmithB January 12, 2011
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