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A word, created by Beck Hansen, aka Beck, to describe whatever you want it to.

Seriously, it's that flexible.
"Dude, that is some sweet whiskeyclone!"

"Aw, whiskeyclone! I killed the cat!"
by Leif Erickson April 11, 2008
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1. The last word of the becktionary.

2. A nonsensical word creeated by Beck, probably referring to his illegitimate offspring, which were brought around through nights of heavy drinking and fornication.
by Firegoat August 21, 2007
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The site name was derived (I think?) from track 4 of Beck's cd Mellow Gold; It's THE place to find lyrical interpretations to Beck's music, a comprehensive listing of bootlegs and concert info dating back to his eccentric days, and other cool stuff.

Dude1: Hey! What happened to! It's all flash and shit! It's not even geared to the fans anymore. *cries*

Dude2: Dude,Whiskeyclone is much better than the new

Dude1:(in between sobs): Beck's been commercialized!!!! IT'S A FUCKING CONSPIRACY!
by Beanca January 13, 2006
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When you do something stupid while drinking whiskey and don't remember it the next day.
"Do you remember falling into the toilet last night?"

"That was not me...It must have been my Whiskey Clone"
by JonGee420 August 16, 2011
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