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the longest island in the continental united states.

it seems to get worse as you head farther north. the southend consists of langley, clinton and freeland. south whidbey is known as hippie land and is the best part of whidbey. Central Whidbey consists of coupeville and greenbank. coupeville is a farming hick town also known as poopville because it always smells so horribly of cow dung. the most northern end is oak harbor. this is easliy the worst part of Whidbey Island. as you drive in from the south, the forst thing you see is a giant Burger King sign. and the fast food restrants keep on coming along with walmarts and lots and lots of teen stoners, skipping school to go smoke weed behind the Wendys. Oak Harbour is a wanna be city but it will never get there.

overall there isnt much of anything to do on Whidbey Island. there ar a few good things like string man at chochokum but overall life on whidbey is pretty dull. its over run with tourists in the summer who are too excited about riding the ferry boat (note: locals never wonder upstairs on the ferry in the summer for fear of tourists yelling about the seagulls and wanting you to take their picture). the view is nice but after you get over that, whidbey is pretty lame.
tourist: (on ferry) ohh my god a seagull!! take a picture, take a picture, this is a once in a life time chance!!!

local: relax, its whidbey island, thats all we do is relax, its island time, baby. there are seagulls everywhere, it nothing special
by HippieGal October 04, 2009
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