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A new funny as hell show on mtv2, starring that dude from Saturday Night Live. A story about Buddy and Woof (a beagle dog and a bulldog) travel through Hollywood,California in search of a way to get to New Jersey and find Buddy's owner. On the way they poke fun at celeberties in very humorus satire.
Where My Dogs At? episode two: Buddy and Woof do the Movie Awards

Sway: Yo, this is Sway, coming to you live at the MTV awards with a very sopitscated-looking 50 Cent

50 Cent: Ha, Ha yeah well, Im not interested in being a superficial THUG, you know what i'm saying, that's why I got my videogame: Bulletproof, my movie about how I got shot 9 times is now now DVD, AND this 50 Cent collecters cup which is available at shizno sandwiches. Mention my name get 50 cents off, ya heard, ha ha
by Da Master K July 05, 2006
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