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Those young teens who hang around at stations smoking bong and cigarettes. They wear a high collared shirt, usually bought from kmart, a little wog hat with the front of their hair poking out and sometimes a rat tail swinging from the back of their head like a dick from a crotch. They also wear Nike or Adidas trackies or really short gay jogger shorts you see on old men and young women, most other sport brands are accepted as well. Nike Airmax's are usually on their feet, though some cannot afford such expenses so they wear any sport branded shoe. Most carry a bumbag or fanny pack over their shoulder and clipped under their armpit. This usually contains theyre cigarettes, knives, googs (if theyre down with that shit) and any other small crap they have. Usually hang around in groups and act tough, because mostly they are weak shit and would be fucked by themselves. They will stab you, then stomp your face in the ground if you so much as look at them, but once again, only if they are in groups and you are by yourself. Theyre favourite words are 'what' and 'cunt' usually one after the other. Sometimes you will hear them call out 'toy' or 'faggot', and when needing a smoke: Kick us a cigi cunt !
Two boys walking down a bike track at night near a station.
Boy1: Shit man ! Whatdogs !
Boy2; oh dude, lets go man, i feel like keeping my phone and wallet tonight
by joshua reed December 28, 2009
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