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Members of volunteer fire companies that can't differentiate themselves regarding whacker vs. true volunteers . Whackateering is the art of pretending you're important , in-charge or even liked as a matter of fact. Wackateers thrive off the pretense of a true, passionate volunteer. How to spot a whackateer one may ask? Simple-just look for someone dressed in turn out gear, ear to the portable pretending to know what's being communicated and appears to be under the impression that they're in charge or have a clue. Other words , appear dumbfounded and confused . Often they will have a fisher price walkie talkie and flashlights giving orders to 7 yr olds at the local playgrounds. Be weary of these nut jobs
whackateer poser grey squirrel fire Marshall bill why is he on the fire engine! "Oh, he's our new whackateer!"
by Somebody said what ? January 17, 2013
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