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Colloquial term used to describe the act of drinking lager beers, or 'wets'. The term can be separated into it's component parts, 'sinking' and 'wets', with either used in isolation - for example one can drink wets or sink beers. However, it is widely accepted that this kind of cross-terminology is best avoided and the traditional 'wet-sinking' used exclusively.

In relation to wet-sinking are associated descriptive terms such as 'wet-shy' or 'wet-nasty' , the former referring to an individual who either abstains from a sufficient amount of wet-sinking or does not reciprocate the purchase of wets while the latter means an inebriated state that may occur as a result of a lengthy wet-sinking session.

In some corners, wet-sinking may be accompanied by song such as the well-known anthem 'We're on the wets'.
Coco and Richard were out wet-sinking again last night. Coco was so wet-nasty, he exposed his old scatch in public!
by Wet-master July 23, 2018
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