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The home of the smartest and most flasy gangstas of the Maryland region. They are not only known for a wide array of book knowledge but street smarts to rival any kid that grew up in Jamacia Queens. Also home to the smartest athletes in the state of Maryland so if you need a hooper or a football player hit us up. We make people look stupid without a second thought if you say something the wrong way you will hear about it for the next month. We coined the phrases NO!, and Housed. If you not down with us we are not down with you. There is a small section of those that do not affiliate with the hip-hop culture so pertinent at our school, they my friend are the social outcasts. We rock long tees, fitted caps, air forces, throwbacks, chains and flights may as well be our team issued varsity jackets cuz every athlete has at least one, please don't pop your collar or it will be swiftly removed from your shirt. We all have bass to knock the windows off of your moms windstar from miles away.
Class is a breeze and makes college life easy, we work hard and get the stuff done in record times. No one can touch us on school exams state wide so don't try.
Homecoming is the biggest time of the year even moreso than prom with the football team pep rally.
We then go on to the brighest and best colleges in America to play collegiate sports, tear up the classroom and party it up all while still maintaining the best grades.
As I said before, we are the hardest, the best the smartest. If you cant hang with that then you obviously didn't get accepted in the first place and couldn't manage to get in later as a transfer. In other words if you don't go here you will never understand so don't try.
We rule Bmore theres no denying it. So if you from the Tech stand up. And if you ain't you don't have anything to say so sit down, shut up and watch hows its supposed to be done. 1

1. Dominique Foxworth startin DB for the Dnever Broncos Western Tech graduate
by any tech graduate December 21, 2005
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