A person who does not put up with cry babies, will issue a beat down to people lacking social skills or common sense.

A person that very well may be prior Military and lacks understanding of incompetent people.

This person Drinks black coffee and Cheap Beer.
One who lacks the ability to interact with other humans in welcome way will be taken out back by westech and flogged with a phone book.
by westernlife April 29, 2011
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Burlington County Institute of Technology, Where theres high security, who will come running if they see a “ fight” or any suspicion. A big hit place for vaping, carts, and etc. Filled with emos, ghetto kids, blue lives matter kids, skaters, stoners, and more. There’s always a ol good entertainment happens least twice a week. There’s always drama no matter what.
Ayo, there’s a fight happening in the back of the cafeteria at bcit westech!
by wack0shroomz September 20, 2021
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