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where fake ass snakes fuck around with a ton of guys. the teachers are on some drugs and are always dick riding everyone. everyone at the school act so fruity and are ode annoying. this school also makes anyone want to commit die.
β€œyo what school do you go to?”
β€œugh west middle school. it sucks ass my dude”
by supkiddies44 January 03, 2019
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West Middle School is a school located in Greenwood Village, CO, and is next to many rich neighborhoods packed with rich, white kids. The student population is 885 students with 72.5 percent being white. The high school WMS students go to after they graduate middle school, is Cherry Creek High School, the largest high school in the US, with kids from Campus Middle School,located right next to Cherry Creek High School, West, and more.
West Middle School is filled with a bunch of rich, white kids.
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by Nthampi December 05, 2017
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west middle school This is the place where every 8th grader wants to get out of as soon as possible, the teachers are always assuming, getting people in trouble for no reason, and where fake snakes walk around the halls. populars are 2 main groups of girls, 1 group of guys, and bitches be crazy
hey, what school do you go to?
- fucking west middle school. it sucks like shit. i wanna kermit suicide bc of that place.
by egirl420420420430 April 15, 2019
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