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The original myth behind a werecat is a human who is born with pointed ears, these people are beleived to be descendants from theaincent elven blood line. This elven humans are born with heightened senses and great acrobatic skills, much like a cat. Unlike the werewolf, these creatures can learn to change forms at any given time, but start out only being able to change when they feel there life is threatened or the life of some one dearest to them is threatened. In most cases the person is unaware of there abillity to shapeshift and during there first shapeshifting experience beleive hat they had blacked out while defending themselves and regained conciouness later. There are no real way to tell a werecat from a normal human other than there pointed ears, and occaionally they may have sharpened small fangs somewhat like a vampire. Once they have learned to control there anillity it has been stated they can turn into normal cats at will, and turn into wild feral cats. A physical descrition of a werecat in its cat human form: Large feline pointed ears, body covered in cat like fur, tall body ranging from around 8-9 feet tall, usually hunched over seeming to be shorter than they are, feline iris and pupils, slight short whiskers, increased strength, highly increased senses and agillity. Similar to the werewolf they have increased attributes, usually weaker than a werewolf, but much quicker and agile and higher senses of vibration, hearing and a natural 6th sense.
Father, i saw a huge cat(werecat) man jumping from house to house. There seemed to be a dog man chasing him!
by xxxaidenlynnxxx August 23, 2010
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