is cheap and/or has poor or unsophisticated taste in jewelry
"Uhhh... Are you wearing my engagement ring!?"
"No, this one is mine."
"Oh. Sorry, the look exactly alike, did your fiance...?"
"Yeah, he went to Jared." *Sigh*
"Mine too."
by engender February 07, 2010
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Dying. So coined because married life (which is what huge diamonds are about) and death are nearly identical.
"Yeah, he stepped in front of a car... I'm really sorry."
by Black Ships December 21, 2008
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An annoying phrase that will NOT catch on, so shut up.
On a poorly written commercial with bad actors...

Girlfran #1: OMG Gurrrl He went to Jared!
Girlfran #2: What?
Girlfran #1: Gurrrl! He went to Jared! He bought me diamonds!
Girlfran #2: Is that some attempted universal symbol for proposing? If it is then it's retarded and isn't going to catch on. In fact I doubt that people who actually got stuff from there say that. So shut up.
Girlfran #1: ...
by jkbena612 December 21, 2009
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