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n. (alternative spellings: Weltschmuts or Weltsmuz)
1. bastardized German/Yiddish word (welt=world, schmutz=filth) that is a mockery of weltschmerz (Welt=world, schmerz=pain). Both 'Weltschmutz' and 'Weltschmerz' are terms for melancholy or world-weariness; they differ in the respect that Weltschmutz lacks all the dignity, poetry, and faggy Romanticism that Weltchmerz is associated with. Rather than reading Goethe's "Sorrows of Young Werther," a zombie movie marathon would suffice to convey the feeling, by closely observing the typical sad, blank expressions of the zombies. It is the state of abject sadness common to everyday life: boring, numb to pain, burying the world under the dirt and filth of the Earth.
2. a lively, dirty bastard or disreputable person who somehow retains grace, despite their lack of dignity; literally, a stain on the earth that resists being removed.

"Whassup with Toby, he's looking so sad and staring into the campfire for like an hour...?!"
"Oh, just Weltschmerz"
"Weltscherz? More like Weltschmutz—Toby ain't no fucking young Werther."

"How is Falstaff so charming? He lies; he cheats; he steals; he's a coward; he's selfish; he's old and fat; he drinks excessively; he's all vice; and never, ever repents."
"Sorry, I thought you answered your own question. He's a Weltschmutz. Enough said."
by inglosolunbe September 29, 2013
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