Often used as an insult when an individual is expressing self admiration or pride for themself especially through an intellectual achievement to show that the said individual is in fact unintelligent or lacks smarts even though a mental challenge was gained.
'I got an A+ and you failed lol'
'I'm actually a realist'
'What's a realist?'
'well you're dumb so'
by trumpet67 December 8, 2015
a sarcastic term used as a 'comeback' or insult to deter other bullshit and win an argument. often used out of context and meaning, to confuse an individual.
cunt 1: 'i got 10 out of 10 on physics quiz!'
cunt 2: 'well you're dumb so..."

by susaddict1995 October 13, 2015
When a person solves a simple problem with a complicated, expensive, or unnecessary response. This phrase is to be said after a somewhat satisfying solution is made and in a sarcastic tone. Usually, the provided solution does not offer a permanent solution to the original problem, making their sacrifices pointless.
Person 1: “I was eating spaghetti earlier and I didn’t have a clean fork, so I made one out of toothpicks and the tip of a spoon I broke to make it.”
Person 2: “So you didn’t just wash a dirty fork, but instead made one? Well Dumb.”
by SirPickleVII February 1, 2023