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A weird boner is what some lame asses might call an “unusual attraction”. It’s that indescribable feeling when you are so attracted to someone even tho there is something slightly ~off~ about them. One might say that this weirdness makes it even hotter.
Friend one: I can’t tell if Rami Malek from Mr. Robot is really hot
Friend two: He is definitely hot but in a different way. Like his eyes are kinda murdery but-
Friend one: -in a good way.
Friend two: he is a definite weird boner
by kajenayyy June 02, 2018
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The instance where a person gets an erection figuratively or literally over an unusual circumstance or over a fictional character
The other day when I watched Return of the Jedi, Slave Leia gave me a weird boner. -or- That prime rib I ate was so delicious, it gave me a weird boner.
by Wade Poole July 23, 2018
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