The instance where a person gets an erection figuratively or literally over an unusual circumstance or over a fictional character
The other day when I watched Return of the Jedi, Slave Leia gave me a weird boner. -or- That prime rib I ate was so delicious, it gave me a weird boner.
by Wade Poole July 23, 2018
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A weird boner is what some lame asses might call an “unusual attraction”. It’s that indescribable feeling when you are so attracted to someone even tho there is something slightly ~off~ about them. One might say that this weirdness makes it even hotter.
Friend one: I can’t tell if Rami Malek from Mr. Robot is really hot
Friend two: He is definitely hot but in a different way. Like his eyes are kinda murdery but-
Friend one: -in a good way.
Friend two: he is a definite weird boner
by kajenayyy May 4, 2018
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An awkward boner occurring when in a close situation with a close friend, such as a hug or spooning. It is not caused by intimacy and can also coincide with the random boner which has happened at an awkward time.

It is polite to inform the friend that this situation is boner weird, so he/she is not disgusted with your random erection.
guy one: I have to warn you, this hug is boner weird.

guy two: It's ok, we all get boner weird every once in a while.

Guy one: See that guy over there, why has he got an erection in the swimming pool?
Guy two: Oh that's just Harry, he's always getting boner weird.
by thefourthskin March 24, 2012
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