A photo taken in the same fashion as a selfie, but with 2 or more people - making it a "WE-fie." A plural selfie, if you will.

Usually the friend with the longest arms is the designated wefie taker.
2 girls are trying to get a picture of themselves together to capture a good moment/scenery
Shana, holds camera up in front of them: "Let's just take a selfie together"

Brittney: "Technically that would be a wefie"

Shana: "Hashtag that one, dork."
by The Cason-Point December 14, 2013
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The act of taking a selfie with others; similar to an ussie, or usie.
We took this dope wefie.
by pLaYaDoMiNaToR December 22, 2021
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