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The accidental merging of the words 'Wee' and 'Beer' When you are a tad intoxicated, and need both Urgently,
pissed guy: " guys......... i need a . . . . . . Weer
by COCKYGON June 28, 2012
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Literally, more wee. Something smaller than normal (especially if typically small) in a cute, quaint, or Scottish/Irish/Hobbit sort of way.

Pronunciation: Wee-er
"Wow! She's even weer than I remember!"

"That Frodo Baggins is weer than you'd expect!"
by Jason Jaques-Pierre March 03, 2010
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A disturbing mix of wine and beer- only drank out of red solo cups- stains your mouth red- allows consumers to go 0-100 real quick.
What are all of those crazy Colorado kids drinking? Weer.
"Welcome to my home, may I pour you a glass of weer?"
by mnwico May 29, 2016
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