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The strongest bond two people can form. A Weed Pact is when one person is required to smoke with another person for the remainder of the night/party or until the weed runs out. If two people are smoking together at an earlier time during the night/party, and the owner of the weed may call a Weed Pact on the other member. Neither member is now allowed to back out of any weed offerings.

A weed pact may be called by curling all fingers but your thumbs and pinkies. The arms are then crossed and the thumbs are connected, creating a W shape. This gesture is then followed by a hearty "WEED PACT!".

IMPORTANT: If this oath is broken by the mooching member, he is subject to extreme humiliation.
Man 1: Hey, you want a hit?

Man 2: Yeah man! Thanks!
(As he takes a hit, Man 1 makes the universal weed pact gesture)


Man 2: Hell Yeah!
by Trebor Thunder April 22, 2010
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