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Weebz is by far the coolest person I have ever met. Sure, she doesn't bathe too often *coug*never*cough*, which causes her to have.. let's just say a 'unique' scent.
Weebz also believed she was Santa Claus, up until last year, when someone broke the horrid news to her. *tear*
She's quite gullible as well. She once believed me when I said I was hiding in the bushes outside her window, watching her, in her black leather wheely chair, to the left of the fly swatter sitting on the wall, and below the floral drapery, in a green walled and beige carpeted hallway.

Good times, Weebz, good times.
"Weebz loves Coty Brown. Coty Brown thinks Weebz is a youth minister; why? I don't know. But it's straw season, so we must all gather in our straw hats, and prepare to steal Laura's pot of gold. (minus the 'of gold')

I love you Weebz.
by Broo July 08, 2004
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