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1) Another term for "pussy" as a noun that you use only when referring to the act of sex. As in "I'm going to get some pussy" Translated: "I'm going to get some weeble-weeble-wobble-wobble." Where it was originated was lost, but rumor has it that it was created by some Jewish young adults around the year 2006. This word has gone down in history as one of the most confusing words to use in a sentence.

2) Means getting some pussy at secret ebents.
Rambo: I'm just lookin' for a little Weeble-weeble-Wobble-wobble!
Zack: Ahhhhh HAAAAAA-Feyyyyyy...
Rambo: Ok, so maybe just a little AAIH AAIH. ;D
by Incinerator1990 September 04, 2006
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