Wee guy, or wee guy mentality, is a slang term in Scotland used to refer to someone(s) who demonstrates toxic or immature behaviour (that is commonly found in young teens) when they are wrong or inferior to others. They often display these toxic traits in situations where they (for once) are correct or feel superior to others. Very similar to wee man complex.
The origin of the term comes from young teens (hence “wee”) who often demonstrate said toxic/immature behaviours. Thus the term is, in essence, an insult, referring to someone as having the mentality of a young child.
1. Did you see that guy constantly nudging people shorter than him in the club the other night?

Yeah man he was giving off major wee guy vibes.

2. Have you heard Nick since we started playing this? He is being such a wee guy about it
by ScottishDictionary July 22, 2020
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Someone who is 5 foot 8 or under. They are commonly found at the gym trying to get big but even if they do, there still wee guys. It is also a commonly know fact that if a wee guy beets 5 other wee guys in fights then they ascend to a normal person.
Don’t batter him he’s just a wee guy
Your a wee guy

I’m sorrounded by wee guys
“ did you see that guy over there, he’s cute” “are you silly, he’s a wee guy”
by Facts don’t care February 21, 2019
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