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A manga that can be read online, much like a webcomic, but is fundamentally different from a webcomic due to it's cultural difference, information flow, and cinematic approach.

An explanation of the differences between a comic and a manga taken from SmartArtBox reads:

1) Cultural Difference
American comics are generally published independently as a monthly issue, mangas are generally published in several anthology titles. A lot happens between the pages but overall, the story moves at a slower pace.

2) Information Flow
American comics are generally read from left to right and from top to bottom of the page. However, manga requires the readers to follow art and the speech bubbles before following a right to left, top to bottom rule.

Manga generally tries to guide the readers throughout the pages and effectively guides them to where they should look.

3) Cinematic Approach
While manga too can have several action-filled panels, they also have many other types of panels which are generally not found in other types of comics. Aspect-to-aspect panels will mostly focus on different elements of the same surrounding or different emotions at once.

In manga that the subject-to-subject and aspect-to-aspect panels have little/no dialog’s at all. This is done to prevent crowding when a lot of things are happening simultaneously.
Person A: I'm reading a webmanga.
Person B: You mean a webcomic?
Person A: No, a webmanga. It's read like a manga, so backwards.
Person B: Oh.
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by hentaiprincess06 September 29, 2019
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A webcomic in the style of a manga.

Unlike real manga, these are designed for online consumption, most likely on panel-pages, or video format. They can have similar themes to real manga, or to LINE Webtoons, such as shounen, shoujo and so on.

In video format, these tend to look like storyboards. (See also: Silent Horror Comic)

This is different to a webcomic as the style aims to be as close as possible to a real manga, whereas webcomics are usually more western-styles. Most LINE webtoons are therefore webmanga.
Person A: What are you reading?
Person B: A new webmanga that came out.
Person A: Neat.
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by hentaiprincess06 September 29, 2019
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