When a man ejaculates into his hand and then proceeds to "sling" the seminal fluid at a girl's face in a manner much like the Amazing Spider-man.
"This girl won't swallow, so I have to resort to web-slinging her instead."
by Ross Johnson March 2, 2006
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when you skeet in your hand and toss it at a chicken head's face.
I slang my web on a bitch. in ya face. in.. ya... FACE.
by john rigby July 12, 2004
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Yet another colloquialism for shooting one's load.
I slung my web all over her face.

Sorry I didn't call you last night, I was out slinging web on anyone that would have it.
by Humpmap.com July 15, 2006
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When a guy is a f*cking a girl and she lets him nut inside then she shoots it back in his face, like a spider man web
Steven was a little to excited to try web slinging with his new match from Tinder
Trevor received quite a surprise when his girlfriend web slinged him after he finished inside her
by tweetytweetytwat July 20, 2019
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