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"Weav" is verb meaning to eat large quantities of food in order to satisfy a seemingly never ending appetite. Coined after our friend Tom Weaver, the 6'4" mountain man who is constantly eating. Suprisingly he is not as overweight as you might think (about 210 lb). "Weav" can be used when anyone is eating more than they should be, either in quantity or frequency. A classic example (and often practiced by the namesake) is Tom's habit of eating dinner before going out to dinner. He will fire up a bowl of pasta, and grill a chicken breast, consume both and then head out the door with the gang on the way to dinner. 30 minutes later he is sitting down to the same dinner that everyone else is. You have to see it to believe it. One final thought, he almost always has a sandwich in his pocket, just in case!
Jeez Bob, you really weaved it up at the pizza place last night. I have never seen anyone eat a large pizza all by themselves. And you ordered a 2nd for takeout!
by TT November 13, 2004
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