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*To be cool wit sumbody.
**To feel good or to feel aight(speaking for a group)
*Person 1- "Wats up wit u n Nikki, bruh?"
Person 2- "Uh, I dont know. We gucci."

**Person 1- "Wudup yall?"
Person 2- "Nuthin much. We gucci."
by Ay_Bay_Bay July 11, 2009
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bob "man we lookin' so good for da party"
jon " yah man we gucci"
by We Gucci March 14, 2015
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*To be chill with someone
**To feel fresh, or hyped (motivated, happy, chill, good)
(speaking for a group)

More common in fashion oriented groups.
1. Person: " Yoo, guys u alright?"
2. Person: " Yeah man we Gucci!"
by Kiiari August 20, 2017
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meaning "we good?"

commonly used by kaglins after drama asking if they're fine with him.
panzy: *unblocks kaglins*

kaglins: we gucci fr
by vintx August 4, 2018
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